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Training for Clients
Most of clients come from a background where the systems are very different to the UK. In order to help promote equality of access to health care, social care, housing, legal representation, education and training for our clients we provide trainings and workshops to help them understand how the system works in the UK.

For example during 2007/2008 BRS gave 12 health talks to refugees and asylum seekers. These included talks to classes of ESOL students at Barnet College (over 180 students in total), 2 refugee organisations (with over 40 attendees) and our women’s group and other BRS clients.

BRS conducted 12 workshops on health promotion in 2007/08 which can be broken down into Mental Health (1), Women’s Health (2), Healthy Living (2), Men’s Health (1), Children Immunisation (2), Diet and Nutrition (1), Breast Awareness (1), Bowl Cancer Awareness (1) and Smoking cessation (1). Bilingual Volunteer health advocates were recruited and trained in partnership with PCT Advice and Information Centre.  

To find out more about our workshops please contact our office on 020 8905 9002.

A Message From Our Patron

Last year I visited the Barnet Refugee Service, and met the trustees, the staff and some of the volunteers and clients.  I was moved and impressed by the real difference BRS has made to so many lives.

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