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Youth Activities

Young Refugees and asylum seekers and in particular unaccompanied minors are one of the most disadvantaged groups in society. Their needs are largely unmet by existing services.  A safe place where they can meet; build social networks; and learn new skills is considered crucial to create stability in their lives and build self-confidence and keep them away from criminal activities. Our youth project supports young asylum seekers and refugees including unaccompanied minors aged 13-18 years (up to 25 years for those leaving care). Our aim and objectives are:


-          To engage these disadvantaged young people at risk of social exclusion through educational and skills development and positive activities opportunities

-          To promote the well-being of vulnerable children by supporting them to develop their self-esteem and capacity for resilience

-          To provide preventative support to these young people to reduce first time entrants to the criminal justice system

-          To provide the young people with fun social activities, access to education and training , advice and one-to-one emotional support i.e. counseling and group work

-          To advocate for the rights of separated young refugees and disadvantaged children

-          To work with statutory, voluntary and community sector professionals to increase understanding of the needs of separated refugees and disadvantaged children, and to support the development of appropriate services which promote their well-being


We will particularly focus on those who have mental health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, personality disorders and other issues. We will also support those that are struggling with integration into UK life, underachieving at school and are at risk of involvement in gang and criminal activities.


For further information please contact  Astrid Flippi on 020 89059002 or click here to see the flyer for this activity. 


A Message From Our Patron

Last year I visited the Barnet Refugee Service, and met the trustees, the staff and some of the volunteers and clients.  I was moved and impressed by the real difference BRS has made to so many lives.

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